A New Way to Social

2 min readFeb 2, 2021

Designed for Empathy

At Swell, we’re committed to doing social differently by connecting people through voice, trusting you over algorithms, and designing for empathy, not ads and memes.

Speak. Voice conveys emotion and intent that can be lost in the written word. Listen. Connect better to someone’s story through the power of voice. Reply. This is not live audio. Take your time to provide a thoughtful response.

Truth Matters

Swell is designed for people to share information, firsthand accounts and perspectives in their own voice, citing credible journalistic references to prevent the spread of misinformation. Memes and mindless forwards have no place on Swell.

Privacy & Control

Your data and content belong to you. Swell does not share your data with 3rd parties behind the scenes.

At Swell, you are in charge — you control who can take part in your conversations and you can moderate and remove any replies within your conversations.

No Ads. No AI.

There are no ads on Swell.

Your audio posts stay in audio form and are not converted to text for data mining. Only the text description and tagging you provide are used for search and discovery.

There is no AI running wild determining what you should hear or see next — what you see in For You comes directly from categories you select, users and conversations you follow, and manually curated Editor’s Picks from our Editorial team.

Your Voice

Your voice and your feedback help to create Swell.

Send us a private message at @Swell or post to @Support with your questions.

Do you believe in our mission? Help us grow by sharing a Swell then invite your friends to download the app.

Let’s keep talking about what’s important to you.

Bowie | Swell Senior Content Producer + Editor