Swell’s Best of 2020

2 min readDec 31, 2020

It’s been a big year for the world and for Swell. Thank you for being part of our first year and for making Swell such a vibrant community full of possibilities. I’m so excited about all of the conversations we’re going to have, the stories we’re going to share, and the questions we’re going to ask over this next year!

Listen to our review of the Best Swells of 2020

Erecting a memorial. Please add your piece.

Black lives matter. Share your tribute.

Swell Roundtable: College in Covid WTF?

Honestly though, wtf. Listen to what these students have to say.

Is there such a thing as Too Much Honesty?

It’s gonna get real.

What is strength? What does it really mean to be an alpha?

Maybe we have some things to rethink about what strength means.

My Health Journey: A One-Eyed Jack

Listen to this powerful story of resilience.

RBG Rest in Power and Thank You for Your Life’s Work

2020 has taken so many greats from us. We also shared a link to a great convo honoring the life of Chadwick Boseman in our yearly review found in the app.

The Voice of Steve Wozniak

We chatted with Apple’s co-founder. Pretty cool. Listen to learn more about Steve’s love of RVs!

Kamala Harris as a VP — thoughts?

Joy, anger, frustration. This convo has it all.

Hidden wisdom from movie moments

Add your best here. Voice impressions are *highly* encouraged.

In 7 Words, What Would You Say to 2020?

Leave a message for 2020. We’re listening.

Happy New Year!

Bowie | Swell Content Producer + Editor