Top 5 Swells: AI, Alphas, Self-Love, & more

2 min readDec 11, 2020

This week was another fascinating week on Swell full of conversations and casts about everything from the challenges of quickly evolving technology and education in the pandemic era to your holiday blunders (#fail). I’m continually amazed at what we learn and how we grow together in conversation on Swell.

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Highlighting Bias in AI - Dr. Gebru “Resigns” from Google

You all went deep in response to the news about Dr. Gebru’s resignation from Google. How do we account for bias with AI?

A turning point for acceptance of online degrees?

With online education being more important than ever, will its acceptability, efficacy, and status grow? Hear various perspectives.

What IS strength? What does it REALLY mean to be an alpha?

What if strength is different than we thought? Share your views and experience of what strength means to you.

What is self-love? And how do you get it?

We could all use a little more love these days. So, how do you cultivate self-love, and what is self-care exactly?

Caring for the elderly during COVID-19

Izzy talks with an events planner for the elderly about her experiences amid the pandemic. Much love to all frontline workers.

Happy Friday!

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